Software Development

FMsoft Co. Established, August 1996

With over 30 years of programming experience, FMsoft has acquired crucial expertise over the years to deliver ‘state of the art’ software, that’s feature-packed, easy to use, robust and extremely efficient. We thrive on developing software that’s practical, realistic and catering for your everyday needs. We understand the specific needs of customers, based on usage and/or recommendations. After having considered ALL of the above, we design & develop software that meets the requirements and demands of the respective industries of today. In this day and age, where information processing is crucial and demanding, We, at FMsoft have developed and provided the necessary tools to keep up with the times. We offer software ranging from Accounting for small to medium sized entities, Dental administration for dental professionals, Learner administration for educational institutes, Rent collection for residential or commercial property management and Job costing for the manufacturing sector too. Our prices are extremely competitive, We are so confident of our software, that some of our products are sold as a ‘Once-off’ payment without compulsory monthly/yearly fees attached, because the support burden on these products are almost null. All our software are fully network-able; server based, with No restrictions placed on number of records in any database, using the latest development tools at our disposal.

Web Development

With over 8 years experience in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, all your graphic design needs are taken care of. We are superfluent in producing amazing responsive & dynamic websites either through a CMS like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla etc. or custom coded websites using stunning bootstrap templates. Our ecommerce solutions offer simple but effective installations such as OpenCart, PrestaShop, AbanteCart or complex ones like wooCommerce with free/premium plugins/templates or Shopify. The choice is totally up to you. We recommend using WordPress with wooCommerce as this is the most common choice. However, for a cost effevtive and simple ecommerce site, the former is better. Web Apps are developed in ASP.Net or one the many JavaScript frameworks/libraries present in modern times. Our goal is to keep up with global design and development trends. So you are certain that what you get is not from the 19th century.

Meet the team

Our team focuses on individual capacity and strengths. Each member only works with his strengths, experiences and enjoyment. Thereby, completing tasks to perfection and customer satisfaction.

Faizal Motara

CEO / Founder / Software Developer

Developing Windows applications since 1996. Experienced, disciplined and diligent.

Muhammad M

Full stack Developer

Passionate & Experienced Javascript designer & developer, using Bootstrap 4, Sementic-UI, Material-UI, React.js, Express.js & Node.js

Abdul Rahman M

Software & Hardware Technician

Great passion & experience when it comes to solving all technical issues, quickly & efficiently.

We build awesome products

Our basic procedure for building amazing applications.

1. Design

The moment you chose FMsoft, you know you’ve never felt anything like it. With a single choice, these powerful Applications lets you do more than ever before.

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2. Develop

Divide details about your product amoungst our team. Get coding!

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3. Make Edits

Cross-editing before first release. Ensures that not even the slightest detail is left out.

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